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If you’re looking for a slice of the action, we’re in the business of building long-term partnerships and loyalty from our friends, customers and peers, as such all of our opportunities to get involved are subject to negotiations to find the best way to work with you and the needs of your business.

However, we thought we’d give you a little of taste of the great benefits you can expect from working with us at Leeds Indie Food by setting out a few options below – we look forward to dining with you soon!

Leeds Indie Food - Festival Passport

Our festival is one of the best in the country thanks in no small part to our loyal fans who can be found faithfully filling up their passports with stamps from some of the city’s finest eateries and lounging on a comfy sofa, kebab in hand at our Summer street food festival Eat North. 

  • First access to the newly-minted annual Leeds Indie Food Festival Passport giving you access to offers, deals, priority tickets and one-off events
  • Priority passes to events throughout the year
  • The first look and 10% discount on Leeds Indie Food Merch
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Indie 500 Club

Launching in 2019, join the club and find you and your business at the heart of one of the UK’s fastest growing food and drink economies. From street food vendors to fine dining restaurants, breweries and bars Leeds has it all and there’s no better place to meet them than the Indie 500 Club. A B2B club with a difference, you can expect training, networking events, conferences, talks and socials exclusively for the Leeds independent food and drink industry throughout the year. The Indie 500 Club is the best place to find your next partner in business or dream up that knock-out collaboration that will prove to be the star of this year’s festival. Leeds Indie Food Fund has been designed to support those businesses who have come this far with us, to take the leap to the next level, scaling up, expanding and growing their offer. We know that business can be challenging and want to be there through the rough patches as well as raising a glass to the good times too. We know that finance can be tricky and business growth presents big risks for many organisations so we’re offering a helping hand to make sure that the stars of our show will continue to go from strength to strength. Indie 500 Club members will have exclusive to the new Leeds Indie Food Fund providing them with a unique opportunity to scale-up, branch out, grow and experiment.

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Festival Partner

Seeking to create an alternative to the mainstream tourist trail, an antithesis to the mainstream food and drink festivals featuring the same faces in different places and generating support for local food and drink economy year-round, the festival has seen huge growth in its short lifetime now featuring more than 80 events, workshops, experiences and hundreds of collaborations between Leeds’ best-loved restaurants and bars. With an estimated economic impact of more than £750,000 per year the festival caters to city dwellers, young families and urban professionals with 38% of our audience based in the city centre, 30% across Leeds communities and 32% making a special trip to the city to sample the best of food and drink that Leeds has to offer. Over 18 days of things to eat, drink and do the festival attracts a total audience in excess of 50,000 people with an average age of between 25 and 45 from Leeds, West Yorkshire and beyond with visitors from across Europe including Spain, Germany and France. Our Festival Partners are supporting the growth of the independent food culture in the city, a contribution to place-making across the city’s communities, developing a bespoke tourism product for the city’s millions of visitors, supporting the inclusive growth of the local economy, and being part of a dedicated team of people building a world class reputation for food in Leeds.

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Annual Partner

Leeds Indie Food is seeking a select group of Annual Partners to support the full range of our activities. From feasts in the park and pop-up collaborations with some of the finest restaurants from across the north, to giving independent businesses a little leg up and supporting us to realise our vision of a creative maker space dedicated to the production, consumption and enjoyment of food. We want to take our Annual Partners on a journey of discovery with us as we create a global reputation for Leeds whilst supporting local entrepreneurs to start and grow their own slice of the food and drink market. We believe in building long-term, sustainable partnerships and we love all forms of food so if our plans have piqued your interest we would be happy to discuss them in more detail over breakfast, lunch, dinner and even the odd after dinner drink. We’re happy to meet you anywhere you like from breweries to bakeries, our place or yours.

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