May 2019 will be our fifth birthday! Each year we hope to be more diverse, more interesting and more exciting. But one thing has been our priority since the start: bringing together amazing talent from across the Leeds indie food scene to help celebrate, mutually support and inspire the creatives that make our city the foodie haven it is!

Leeds Indie Food Festival 2018

2018 saw some big collaborations. It was also a year highlighted by an amazing wealth of vegan contributions, and a real dedication towards minimising food waste.

50% of events were FREE to attend, and we welcomed 27,000 punters to the city during the festival!

We welcomed plenty of new businesses taking part in the festival for the first time, and we estimated that we helped bring £720,000 into the indie community.

Events included #FindTheForest, Mary Jane’s Bakehouse (a five course dessert tasting menu…what’s not to love?) Parmstar takeover of Laynes, Prashad x Ox Club x Bundobust, Junk Food Emporium, Seeds Supper Club, and many more…

Leeds Indie Food Festival 2017

2017 saw diversity and excitement. LIF brought 21,000 people into the city, who attended 83 different events across Leeds.

We estimated that we brought £560,000 into the indie community, through tickets, events, and additional spend at the free events.

The allotment at Kirkgate was a huge partnership between Arup and Leeds BID. This created a fun new area where people can sit, play, learn, and more, bringing the entertainment space into the market – a great asset for our city!

Beer and Doughnut pairing became a thing (this is before donuts were even top of our agenda…). An informative food styling workshop welcomed amateurs into this field of expertise, and we ran School Diner, Supper Dates and The Fun of Food, amongst many more. The emergent 2017 events trend was foraging… and we enjoyed a huge amount of great events.

Leeds Indie Food Festival 2016

2016 was an exciting second helping. 78 events and 20,000 people attended events across the city, making it clear that LIF2015 was no one-off. We estimate that we brought £548,000 into the indie community, through tickets, events, and additional spend at the free events.

2016 saw towering neon cakes laid out in an exhibition in Trinity Leeds, again courtesy of the Tattooed Bakers, all built to replicate some of Leeds’ most iconic architecture. The most ambitious event was delivered by Norse – a 50 course dinner, for £50, in a pop-up kitchen. They won some kudos, and some lifelong fans, for that feat!

2016 was also the year that the infamous Bundobrunch was born. Keg v Cork, as a LIF concept, was also born in 2016, and the revelries of the North Bar Magical Mystery Tour began…

Leeds Indie Food Festival 2015

The original. Go big or go home! After much nail-biting, planning and a successful kickstarter, Leeds Indie Food was born. So was Leeds Feast – probably the biggest celebration of street food in Leeds.

The Gallery at Munro House saw an edible exhibition, where famous artworks were formed out of cake (and then eaten), courtesy of the Tattooed Bakers. We also saw some great parties, including the Kickstarter Reward Party, kicking off LIF in style!