Secrets of Food & Drink Photography

  • DO.
  • DRINK.
  • EAT.

Secrets of Food & Drink Photography

  • 15:00 - 18:00
  • 18th May
  • Block 47 Studio

Everyone snaps a picture of their brunch for Insta these days. If you’re fed up of ‘dog’s dinner’ shots that do no justice to the tastes on your plate, it’s time to learn from the experts.

Elouisa Georgiou has teamed up with Dough in the City owner, and renowned chef Luke Downing to disclose the secrets of food and drink photography. Learn how the professionals present and display food and drink to create the perfect photo.

This is a hands-on photography workshop delivered in the awesome Block 47 studio. Learn how to create images in all situations, practicing using natural light, LEDs and flash photography. Followed by a social with cocktails and canapés from Dough in the City.

Bring your own camera!

Secrets of Food & Drink Photography


  • Elouisa Georgiou
  • Luke Downing - Dough in the City/Vice & Virtue