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Food Studies in the USA: New Directions

  • 16:30 - 18:00
  • 11th May
  • University of Leeds

DO. Stick your thinking cap on and head to the School for English at the University of Leeds for Food Studies in the USA. Several guest speakers from across the pond will be giving their perspective on the vibrant field of American food culture, discussing their new research.

Dr. J. Michelle Coghlan is Lecturer in American Literature at University of Manchester and the author of Sensational Internationalism (2016). Her new project, Culinary Designs, “chronicles the rise of American food writing and the making of American taste in the long nineteenth century.”

Professor Elizabeth Engelhardt, incoming chair of American Studies at UNC Chapel Hill, is the author of many landmark food writings including A Mess of Greens: Southern Gender and Southern Food (2011) and the student collaboration Republic of Barbecue: Stories Beyond the Brisket (2009).

Professor Psyche Williams-Forson, chair of American Studies at the University of Maryland, is the author of Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs: Black Women, Food, and Power (2006). With Carole Counihan she is also the editor of the important collection Taking Food Public: Redefining Foodways in a Changing World (2011).

The panel is part of the AHRC Diasporic Everyday research network and the American Research Seminar at the University of Leeds. If you would like to find out more about the session or the network, please email Andrew Warnes at [email protected]

Venue: Alumni Room, School of English, University of Leeds

Food Studies in the USA: New Directions


  • University of Leeds
  • American Research Seminar


  • University of Leeds
  • School of English, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT
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