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As Leeds Indie Food, we get the opportunity to work with some of the best people in the North. We manage the below events – so, click that Contact button if you want to get involved in any of them, or if you would like to work with us on an event.

Leeds Indie Food Festival


Leeds Indie Food is our two-and-bit week festival happening in May, each year. We try to think a little differently and want the whole city shouting about food and drink during the festival dates. We curate small dinners, street food fairs, workshops, collaboration menus and much, much more.

2019 is our fifth Birthday and we’re running our usual strands of Eat, Drink and Do, but also Celebration and Outdoor as themes.

Eat North

#EatNorth is Leeds’ only weekly food fair, which started in 2017 after Leeds Indie Food.  Located at North Brew Co Brewery Taproom near Sheepscar, it offers a super-chilled vibe, the freshest beer and lots of new food to try. 2018 saw us take it across 21 weeks, plus a Christmas Special.

In 2019 we are looking for it to become the place to go if you are looking to try something different – whether as a punter or trader. Discover your new favourite dish as we prepare for themed events like #VeganNorth, #VegNorth, #MeatNorth and #SpicedNorth.

Details of #EatNorth can be found HERE (and all Leeds Indie Food Socials)

Chow Down

Chow Down was born in 2018, quickly becoming one of the must-attend foods events in the North as over 120,000 people attended over the four weekends. Held at The Piece Hall in Halifax for 2018, it saw widespread acclaim from traders, the media and the people of Calderdale.

A mainstream, family-friendly food festival, Chow Down offered a huge choice of food and drink, activities, take-home food and DJs and more.

Find out more HERE

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